Finse winter school 2013

Winter School in Information Security, Finse 1222, April 21-26, 2013

finse-utsiktFRISC – Forum for Research and Innovation in Information Security and Communications – organizes a research course in information security at Finse, April 21-26, 2013. The course is open for Ph.D. students in information security as well as for researchers in academia, government and industry in Norway that need an advanced knowledge of information security.

Registration fee for the full course is kr. 4 500 (including full board and lodging). We expect that Ph.D. students in Norway from institutions affiliated with the COINS research school of computer and information security will get their registration fee refunded.

The preliminary list of lecturers that will give a mini-course in a topic of their expertise includes:

  • Andrey Bogdanov, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark: “Authenticated Encryption and Recent Trends in Cryptanalysis”
  • Bernhard Esslinger, University of Siegen, Germany: “CrypTool”
  • Janne Hagen, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI): ” Effectiveness of Organizational Information Security Measure, Evaluation Methods and Main Findings”
  • Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstad University, Sweden: “Privacy & PETs”
  • Stewart Kowalski, Høgskolen i Gjøvik (HiG): “Systems Security Assurance and Certification. Theory, Standards and Practices”
  • Valtteri Niemi, University of Turku, Finland: “Security and Privacy in mobile communications”
  • Slobodan Petrovic, Høgskolen i Gjøvik (HiG): “Bro IDS”
  • Einar Snekkenes, Høgskolen i Gjøvik (HiG): “Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis”

Finse is a very beautiful and scenic area close to the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. The winter school is held at the hotel FINSE 1222 (on the railway station Finse) between Bergen and Oslo, 1222 meters above sea level. Finse is located 2.5 hours from Bergen (or 4 hours from Oslo) and can only be reached by train. During the winter school, even if this is the end of April, there is still winter season and excellent skiing conditions. We plan to have talks in the morning and early in the evening with time for skiing in between. For further information on Finse see:

Researchers and Ph.D. students that want to attend the research course should fill in the information in the application below. In case of too many applications the organizers will do a final selection. The capacity is limited to about 25 participants. Priority is given to participants attending the full course that starts Sunday April 21 at
20:00 with dinner and ends Friday, April 26 with lunch.

Useful links: NSB train tickets

For further information contact: Tor Helleseth,

The complete program for the event is available here.

Below you can find pdf versions of the powerpoint presentations that were held.

Speaker Institution Title Preview Download
Simone Fischer-Hübner Karlstad University Privacy & Privacy-enhancing Technologies (PETs) Preview finse2013-fischer-huebner.pdf
Per Thorsheim God Praksis Keep your device to yourself Preview finse2013-thorsheim.pdf
Per Thorsheim God Praksis Experiment: PIN code analysis for Cryptonerds Direct link(external site)
Bernhard Esslinger University of Siegen CrypTool Modern Open-Source E-Learning programs for cryptography and cryptanalysis Preview finse2013-esslinger.pdf
Slobodan Petrović NISlab, Gjøvik University College Bro intrusion detection system – Principles of operation and internal structure Preview finse2013-petrovic.pdf
Andrey Bogdanov Technical University of Denmark Authenticated Encryption and Recent Trends in Cryptanalysis Preview finse2013-bogdanov.pdf
Einar Snekkenes NISlab, Gjøvik University College Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis Preview finse2013-snekkenes.pdffinse2013-snekkenes-scenario-desc.pdf
Janne Hagen Norwegian Defence Research Establishment Effectiveness of Organisational Information security measures Preview finse2013-hagen.pdf
Stewart Kowalski NISlab, Gjøvik University College ¿ Certified Secure? Preview finse2013-kowalski.pdf
Valtteri Niemi University of Turku, Finland Privacy in Mobile Communications Preview finse2013-niemi-1.pdf
Valtteri Niemi University of Turku, Finland Security in Mobile Communications Preview finse2013-niemi-2.pdf


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