NISK 2013

Call for papers

Invitation for submission, deadline: 09/09/2013

The 6th Norsk Informasjons Sikkerhets Konferanse (NISK) will be sponsored by FRISC network and take place from 18/11 to 20/11  in Stavanger. The conference will be collocated with the  Norsk informatikkonferanse (NIK).

NISK brings together people in all areas of Information Security. We hereby encourage researchers, practitioners, Master‐ and PhD students to send in their contributions. All submissions will be reviewed and the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings by Tapir Akademisk Forlag (both in print and searchable on web). NISK publications give publication points at level 1.

NISK invites for full length article submissions that report ongoing or finished research (maximal 12 pages), or for short papers of early stage work (maximal 4 pages). NISK will also provide room for papers that describe student work up till master thesis level and invites students to send in their contribution. Student submissions can be either long or short papers and up to four accepted student submissions will receive support by exemption of the conference fees.

Articles can be written in Norwegian or English and should be formatted as presented in NISK layout. Submissions must be original and not be published or submitted for publication elsewhere. A link to the system for submission is here. Accepted papers must be presented at the conference. At least one author of each accepted paper must register to attend the conference. Any paper without a registered author will not be included in the Proceedings.

Tutorials / Workshops

NISK also wishes to offer tutorials and workshops in special themes on TBA. Suggestions for such arrangements should mention title of the arrangement, responsible person for leading the arrangement, an estimate of the expected number of participants, and a description of the theme that will be communicated / discussed.

Ph.D. student seminar

There will be a Ph.D. student seminar co-located with NISK probably on 20/11 and 21/11. Exact date, time and program TBA.

Keynote Speaker

  • Dr Jens Jensen (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory):

Supporting cloud research with secure infrastructures – bridging the gaps Researchers are using clouds in addition to “traditional” resources, ranging from ad-hoc computing over high throughput and performance computing to supercomputing. Yet, the security issues are either ignored (or glossed over), or they may put people off making use of resources, or entering into collaborations that would otherwise have been useful. In this presentation we look at the practical issues and the developments being researched at the moment, particularly in bridging clouds to other infrastructures, and try to see how they may be brought into the production infrastructures to address the concerns. Throughout, we take the practical approach of preferring something that will work today (or tomorrow) to the more abstract (if theoretically elegant) approaches. We also look at the trust issues, taking a look at real life (if occasionally anonymised) examples.



Rom kan bestilles enten pr. telefon til (+47) 51930000, eller pr. epost til Bruk bookingkode 13788310 når dere bestiller rom. Kan  også orientere om at rommene nå ikke slippes før torsdag 10. oktober. Pass på å få  reservert rom før denne tid. Etter denne dato forventes prisene å øke.

Important dates

Deadline for workshop/tutorial suggestions: 24/08/2013

Deadline for sending in papers: 09/09/2013

Notification of acceptance/rejection: 27/09/2013

Deadline for submission of final version: 04/10/2013

Author registration (at least one per paper): 11/10/2013

Conference dates: 18th – 20th November

General information

NIK Conference web page:

NISK Conference web page:

Registration web page:

Program Committee:

Patrick Bours (HiG)
Katrin Franke (HiG)
Martin Gilje Jaatun (Sintef)
Kristian Gjøsteen (NTNU)
Tor Helleseth (UiB)
Erik Hjelmås (HiG)
Nils Kalstad Svendsen (HiG)
Svein Johan Knapskog (Q2S)
Hanno Langweg (HiG)
Stig Frode Mjolsnes (NTNU)
Geir Myrdahl Køien  (UiA)
Leif Nilsen (UNIK)
Vladimir Oleshchuk (chair, UiA)
Chunming Rong (UiS)
Ragnar Soleng (UiTø)
Håkon Styri (NPT)
Hugues Verdure (UiTø)
Eli Winjum (FFI)



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